What is a WOG?

Well it’s kinda hard to describe, if you ask a scientologist it might say that it’s a word for non-scientologists.

If you ask a WOG they’ll probably say that they are warriors who fight for freedom, justice, equality, truth, logic and individualism.

Here is something Sean said about WOGs:

There are two kinds of people in the world.

The licensed and the unlicensed.

It is well known what the licensed people are like; they’re the ones with the nice houses and the Oprah™ prescriptions.

The other crowd at best best….are weirdo’s. You can have a verbal kung fu campaign for weeks that point alone. Wogs are unlicensed people.

Wogs are the ones who understand that laws can be broken for the greater good. James bond is a Wog; a Wog with a critical style problem, but a Wog none the less.

I am a Wog. The professor on Giligans Island, Malcolm Wynn-Jones, every Harrison ford character; is Wog.

Many people reading or have read these words are Wogs. The Wog believes in what he or she believes to be right, and will stop at nothing to achieve their goals of greater good.

Bruce Lee, Batou, Sarah Connor, and Chesty Puller, were all Wogs.

…You get the idea.

The Wog is the ideal of the very best that we can be.

So when adversity gets to you, remember that when you die, your life may flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s a good show.

Function over form.

Or if you read on Urban Dictionary, it says:

Taken from the degratory term used to describe people of the earth by Scientology, and turned into a positive descriptor, a wog is a person who denounces the brainwashing of cults, corporations, advertisement and propaganda and chose to think for him- (or her-) self and live in reality.
Being a self-contained individual, the wog is a kind of modern day Ronin, that answers only to himself, seeks the truth, spreads knowledge and generally try to improve on both himself and the world in general.

If you want to know more about the WOGs I suggest these websites.

  1. Home of Randmedia.
  2. Rantmedia Forums.
  3. Sean Kennedy´s livejournal.
  4. WOG wiki.

I am a WOG and I’m damn proud!

WOG out.

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