Could Human Photosynthesis Power the Future?

Posted: May 21, 2011 in Life, Technology
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From the article:

Dr. Arturo Solis Herrera has developed a technology that utilizes the properties of melanin – the animal analogue to chlorophyll. His melanin based (polihydroxyindol) photo-cell absorbs a broad spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, and converts it into electricity. He has also developed a pharmaceutical claimed to enhance human “photosynthesis” for increased health.

Plants utilize the green pigment chlorophyll to absorb energy from sunlight to breakdown carbon dioxide into sugars. This is well known, and taught in probably every elementary school across the world. What is not as well known, is that the dark colored pigment called melanin found in the skin of humans and other mammals can absorb various types of electromagnetic radiation. In fact, melanin appears capable of absorbing a much broader spectrum of such radiation than chlorophyll. This was proven when scientists noticed various fungi growing in radioactive environments actually seemed to be thriving. Testing of these fungi proved the melanin producing their dark color was absorbing gamma radiation and converting it to energy. The article, “Ionizing Radiation Changes the Electronic Properties of Melanin and Enhances the Growth of Melanized Fungi” published by Ekaterina Dadachova reviews this discovery.

Long before the above article was published, Mexican researcher Dr. Auturo Solis Herrera (medical surgeon, ophthalmologist, and pharmacologist) of the Human Photosynthesis Study Center was performing research on disorders of the human eye. His team started discovering the importance of the pigment Melanin (known by the chemical name polihydroxyindol) in regards to eye conditions. For some reason, Melanin seemed to protect the tissues of the eye, but his team could not completely understand why the protective effect was taking place. After extracting and applying melanin therapeutically to the eyes of patients, they saw results they claim were impressive.

As time passed it was discovered that melanin was actually collecting energy from electromagnetic radiation, and using it to split water atoms into hydrogen, oxygen, and four additional electrons. This process can also act in reverse. Such a reaction is not exothermic (releasing energy) but endothermic (storing energy). Dr. Auturo Herrera claims that the hydrogen atom is then sent to cells where it can be recombined with oxygen to produce energy (human body version of a fuel cell). The cells can then use this energy to supplement the sugars the body provides them. In this process, melanin acts like a catalyst which promotes the chemical reaction, but is not consumed by it.

This is really funny since my science teacher said it was impossible just a couple of months ago, I guess it might not be so impossible after all.

Anyway this is one way we could speed up the evolution of the human race and become one with nature. Because let’s face it people we are good but we could be so much better.

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