Children as young as four to be educated in atheism

Posted: April 3, 2011 in Life, Religion
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From the article:

School pupils aged just four are to be taught atheism in a move schools hope will equip them to be ‘citizens of the world’.

Education bosses in Blackburn with Darwen, Lancashire, have radically restructured the RE syllabus to accommodate non-religious beliefs.

Youngsters will continue to learn about the six major faiths – Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism – but they will also be taught humanism, the belief that there is no God or Gods, and that moral values are founded on human nature and experience.

The move recognises that more than 10,000 people in the borough do not have any religious beliefs. Both primary and secondary school pupils will be included in the shake-up.

Fiona Moss, from RE Today, which helped create the new syllabus, said: ‘We really must recognise that some people do not believe in God and do not have a religious background.

‘We have to make children aware of non beliefs.

‘We want to support children to engage and enthuse them about RE to become good citizens in Blackburn and the world.

‘The aim is for them to be confident wherever they settle.’ But Salim Mulla, chair of Lancashire Council of Mosques, is concerned about the outcome of these teachings.

‘We believe it is important to have faith values whether that is Christian, Islamic or any other religion,’ he said.

‘The values are very, very important. I don’t think the non God aspect should be introduced into the curriculum.

‘I don’t think it is right. People are born into faiths and are brought up in that faith and that’s how it should stay.

‘The non-faith beliefs send a wrong message to the children and confuse them.’

So humanism will confuse the children? Like religion as a whole isn’t doing that already, with it spontaneously combusting bushes, corpses returning to life and pregnant virgins, just to name a few of the confusing things.

The world isn’t what is used to be it’s changing at an ever increasing speed and if religion is going to be a part of that future it’s time for you people to change or face extinction.

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  1. Pramod Kushwaha says:

    So serious that God doesn’t exist!! Please hurry up and teach everyone so; else they might really discover God!!!

    • Epex says:

      O please they aren’t teaching them not to believe, they are just teaching the whole picture and not part of it as they do in schools now.

      And there is 10,000 people in that area that do not have any religious beliefs are we just going to tell them that their children have to believe in a god?

      What if the situation were reversed and it was 10,000 Hindu’s that didn’t get their religion taught in the schools.

      We need to recognize that people have different opinions on the matter and that all opinions should be taught in school.

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