Breaking Belgium: Deep division splits state as EU tension at boiling point

Posted: April 3, 2011 in Politics
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Belgium has set a new record as the country has now been without a government for almost a year. It comes as the country’s two political parties struggle to reach a compromise over Belgium’s future. French- and Dutch-speaking parties have been in talks since the elections last summer, but have made little progress. Many experts see secession ahead — and not just in Belgium, but across the EU.

Wow it’s worse the I thought, on one hand you got the Eurozone cracking under the weight of the massive bailouts it provides to the countries that shouldn’t get a dime because stupidity should not be rewarded.

And on the other hand you got this growing separatists movement that are fed up with how their government is doing things and what to secede from the said country.

Things are heating up in the Europe.

WOG out.


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