Looters break into Cairo museum

Posted: January 30, 2011 in Politics
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Looters have managed to break into the Egyptian museum in Cairo during violent protests and Several priceless and ancient artifacts were damaged.
Officials say nothing was stolen, but the images of empty cabinets suggest otherwise.
Troops have now secured the museum and authorities at sites across the country have taken precautions to secure antiquities.

Egypt’s freedom is important but don’t take out your fucking anger at priceless artifacts you fucking morons. It’s not like you can get a new one just like that, it’s part of your fucking heritage.

WOG out.


The looters where not part of the protesters, the looters broke into the museum and groups of protesters and security forced them to leave.

Egyptian Museum and the Library of Alexandria are now under protection but many other sites are left unprotected like The Coptic Museum and areas of Memphite Necropolis south of the Pyramids.

If the Egyptian military is so thinly stretched why not ask some other country for help to secure the sites, the only thing they will do is to protect it from looters or vandal. You need to protect your heritage.

Original site for edited information.


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