A new material that’s stronger than Kevlar could lead to cheap, light and printable body armor.

Posted: October 25, 2010 in Technology
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From the article:

Going to a show in a rough part of town? Don’t forget to print your tickets and your body armor.

Scientists in Israel have developed the hardest organic material known to man. Tougher than stainless steel and even the previous record holder, bulletproof Kevlar, the transparent material is similar to the beta-amyloid proteins found in patients with memory-robbing Alzheimer’s disease.

The new material could make steel tougher and may also lead to cheaper and lighter body armor.

“In principle it may be possible,” to print body armor, said Ehud Gazit, a scientist at the Tel Aviv University and a co-author of a new article in the journal Angewandte Chemie international edition.

“But we are thinking of more straightforward uses: to improve the mechanical properties of composite structures, such as ceramics and bulletproof glass,” he added.

Technology is progressing really fast these days and I’m not seeing it slowing down any time soon. It’s a great time to be alive.

I would like to see a car made out of this material, I wonder what would happen in a crash between two cars with this material on them.

Very interesting.

Original site.

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