How Disney Magic and the Corporate Media Shape Youth Identity in the Digital Age

Posted: October 18, 2010 in Corpoliticals, Corporate media, Evil
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From the article:

While the “empire of consumption” has been around for a long time, American society in the last 30 years has undergone a sea change in the daily lives of children – one marked by a major transition from a culture of innocence and social protection, however imperfect, to a culture of commodification. Youth are now assaulted by a never-ending proliferation of marketing strategies that colonize their consciousness and daily lives. Under the tutelage of Disney and other megacorporations, children have become an audience captive not only to traditional forms of media such as film, television and print, but even more so to the new digital media made readily accessible through mobile phones, PDAs, laptop computers and the Internet. The information, entertainment and cultural pedagogy disseminated by massive multimedia corporations have become central in shaping and influencing every waking moment of children’s daily lives – all toward a lifetime of constant, unthinking consumption. Consumer culture in the United States and increasingly across the globe, does more than undermine the ideals of a secure and happy childhood: it exhibits the bad faith of a society in which, for children, “there can be only one kind of value, market value; one kind of success, profit; one kind of existence, commodities; and one kind of social relationship, markets.” But corporate-controlled culture not only exploits and distorts the hopes and desires of individuals: it is fundamentally driven toward exploiting public goods for private gain, if it does not also more boldly seek to privatize everything in the public realm. Among US multimedia megacorporations, Disney appears one of the least daunted in attempting to dominate public discourse and undermine the critical and political capacities necessary for the next generation of young people to sustain even the most basic institutions of democracy.

I really wanted to post the article in whole but it’s just to long, so go and read (if your a parent it’s required reading” it because it’s really good and something you should be aware off.

And now I’m going to slam all the parents that force feed their kids corporate media by letting them watch TV.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

You and your partner made a kid now find the fucking time to play, read to and be with your kid, you should be the one that supplies your kid with knowledge not the fucking god box.

And if you happen to not have time for your kid then give your kid a book to read.

You made it, you deal with it!

Original site.

WOG out.


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