Hundreds Die of Lead Poisoning in Nigeria

Posted: October 3, 2010 in Environment, Health
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From the article:

These days, environmentalism has become synonymous with the fight against climate change. But good green campaigners know that more immediate environmental challenges still exist.

That reality hit home yesterday when the United Nations said it will send an emergency team to Nigeria, after 200 children died in an outbreak of lead poisoning related to gold mining in the northern state of Zamfara.

More than 18,000 people have thus far been affected in seven villages. As The Guardian reports, “In all cases, villagers had been grinding ore by hand to search for gold when they unwittingly freed lead particles also contained in the rock.” Local water supplies and soil in  villages have become contaminated.

The death toll and figure of those affected will likely rise. Lead poisoning is insidious: it can have debilitating long-term effects, such as decreased bone and muscle growth, poor muscle coordination, damage to the nervous system, kidneys, and hearing and speech and language problems. Children suffer more because their size makes them more vulnerable to the effects.

The environmentalists are to caught up in the climate change debate, there is a lot more to the survival of the human race then climate change.

But they seem to have forgotten that, well I say it’s time to remind them.

We need to be in their faces like they are in ours, showing what you have forgotten.

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WOG out.


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