Mom: Son in ‘extensive therapy’ after viewing library book

Posted: September 12, 2010 in Life
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From the article:

A Japanese serial graphic novel genre popular with young teens has raised the ire of a Crestview mother whose teenage son got hold of an adult version of the genre from the Crestview Public Library.

“Manga” depicts highly stylized adventure and, occasionally, violence in fantasy settings.

Margaret Barbaree, founder of a citizens’ group called Protect Our Children, presented examples from a manga book to the Crestview City Council last week that she described as “graphic” and “shocking,” taken from material she said is “available to children” at the Crestview Public Library.

“My son lost his mind when he found this,” Barbaree said of the manga book from which her examples were taken.

She said her son had removed the book unsupervised from the library’s general stacks last summer and put it in his backpack. She has kept it ever since.

“Now he’s in a home for extensive therapy,” she said.

Several months ago, Barbaree had circulated a petition bearing 226 signatures of citizens protesting the availability of manga, which she mistakenly referred to as “anime,” or Japanese animation.

However, the library said some patrons complained they were misled when they signed the petition.

“They told us she (Barbaree) approached them at the Christmas parade and asked them to sign a petition protesting pornography in the library,” said Resource Librarian Sandra Dreaden.

Margaret Barbaree you are a fucking idiot and a bad parent, you put your son in “extensive therapy” (what ever the hell that means) for reading adult manga?

ALL kids look for shit there not supposed to see and just because you can’t keep your sheltered son in check doesn’t mean you can go and blame everyone else for your fucking faults.

It’s your job as a parent to keep your kid check not the Crestview Public Library security, also you lashing out and creating a fucking media storm probably scared your son more then the manga book.

If you for some reason need to read the rest of the article do it here.

Original site.

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