Gary McKinnon extradition ‘on hold’

Posted: May 30, 2010 in Politics
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The article:

Mr McKinnon, 44, who was born in Glasgow and now lives in London, is wanted in the US for hacking into Pentagon computers.

His legal team confirmed that the Home Secretary has decided to postpone a judicial review hearing into his extradition that was due to be held next week so that the issues surrounding the case can be considered.

Mr McKinnon was arrested in 2002 after American prosecutors accused him of hacking into military computer systems, the Department of Defence and Nasa, as well as sabotaging vital American military systems after the terror attacks of September 11, 2001.

They say his actions caused hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of damage but Mr McKinnon says his motivation for his unauthorised use of sensitive networks was to find information on UFOs held by the US government.

If found guilty, Mr McKinnon could face up to 70 years in jail in the US.

His lawyers appealed for him to be prosecuted in Britain on lesser charges, but the Crown Prosecution Service rejected their request. In July of last year he lost his latest appeal against extradition but his supporters have said the case has a long way to go.

Mr McKinnon’s mother Janis Sharp says that Home Secretary Theresa May has now decided to put a halt on the extradition and is reviewing the case.

She wrote to new Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, who used to campaign on behalf of Gary, asking that the extradition be halted immediately.

Both parties had ahead of the general election condemned the extradition.

Mr McKinnon’s legal team said that they hope the decision may signal a more compassionate and caring Home Secretary and one that is willing to defend the rights of British citizens.

Finally someone with a little spine left, who can stand up against the US government and say no.

The UK has a perfect legal system and does not requires the US meddling around, if Gary is extradited he will be tried as a terrorist something he is clearly not.

He is a hacker with asperger syndrome that made some dumb dessication, that’s all.

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WOG out.


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