The inconvenient truths Mr Gore and his fanatical friends DIDN’T tell you about climate change

Posted: December 6, 2009 in Global Warming
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From the article:

As it happens I was Green before the word came to mean what it does now.

From a very early age, I hated the ploughing up of this country for the motor car, and grieved at the mad closure of the railways, a view that has now become much more widespread than it was then.

I began bicycling to work before bike lanes had been invented, when Boris Johnson was still at Eton.

To this day I get a sort of red mist when I see great trees being cut down by over-cautious councils, and I gaze with limitless regret on the bleak prairies of Southern England, where hedgerows once grew.

If I can take a ship and a train rather than a plane, I will do.

So it’s no use trying to dismiss me as some kind of petrolhead polluter who wants to cover the planet with runways and motorways, nor to allege I’m in the pay of Big Oil, when I say that I doubt the existence of man-made global warming.

I just doubt it because I am not convinced it’s true. Actually, now that Big Oil has bought into the man-made warming scare itself, I generally get even cruder abuse, being called a ‘denier’ as if I were some kind of Nazi.

And if I mention my doubts at public occasions, I can feel the swelling wrath of the unreasoning mob gathering against me.

There’s seldom time to make more than a few points before you are howled down by righteous zealots.

And that is why I, and anyone seriously interested in this subject, owes a great debt to Christopher Booker, who has set down all the arguments for doubt in a single, concise book that will no doubt be either ignored or abused.

It would be very sad if, as a result, it fails to reach a wide audience. I think anyone remotely concerned about this huge controversy should read this courageous piece of work.

I am not asking you to agree with everything in it, or assuming that you will. I am asking any reasonable person, who is influenced by facts and logic, to consider the case made here.

If you have had doubts but suppressed them for fear of being drowned in anger or contempt, buy this book to arm yourself. If you know any global-warming fanatics, buy it for them for Christmas and ask them, even beg them, to study it carefully.

At the very least, it should allow the debate on this subject to be conducted with more fairness and without such expressions as ‘denier’ being used.

What you will find out is this. That much of what passes for accepted truth is not. Facts have been ruthlessly twisted, suppressed or invented. Scientists are greatly divided on the subject.

Many people – and bodies – presented as experts actually have little or no knowledge of the science involved. Gullible politicians and gullible media men and women have repeatedly fallen for it.

Hucksters, profiteers, world-government fanatics and, of course, the EU (always searching for an excuse to increase its power) have latched on to it.

Huge public subsidies, including the carbon-trading racket and the tragicomic building of hideous, worse-than-useless windfarms, now depend upon it.

First I just want you to continue reading the article at the link, it´s very good.

Secondly when I started this blog I too was convinced that man-made global warming was happening but when I started to read around, checking the facts I realized that they where lying through their teeth. That is was only to create fear, fear that makes money.

And if you don´t believe me check out the fact for yourself, as you should with all the things people say to you.

Man-made global warming = Fear = Money.

Original site.

WOG out.

  1. hoboduke says:

    I share your love for the beauty of nature, and dislike the overpopulation of automobiles. I enjoyed riding on electric trolleys in my youth, and those are long relegated to memory and museums. We live in a manner to reduce pollution, but I laugh at the hysteria and prophecies of immediate doom if we doubt any aspect of global warming. The self appointed gloom & dooom scientists are the new high priests interpreting the wishes of the gods of climate change.

  2. forsythkid says:

    The most important thing for all to remember is that humankind is a really just a guest who was given a really nice room to occupy (and maybe for a short time). If we end up trashing it that will be too bad. But the real crime would be for anyone, intentionally or otherwise, to willfully misrepresent the facts to further there own agenda. I’ve always respected Al Gore but now wonder who he is really trying to protect? We have a serious challenge to protect our home and we need serious, knowledgeable leadership to guide us. Please let me know if anyone answers that call!

  3. hoboduke says:

    Look in the mirror. We can’t delegate personal responsibility. Stand up for what you believe and take actions that are consistent with helping for real, not for television cameras.

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