Suicide rate among soldiers continues on record pace

Posted: December 6, 2009 in Life, War, War on Terror
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From the article:

The suicide rate among U.S. Army soldiers jumped in May — continuing a four-month upward trend and on a record pace for a second straight year, according to Army statistics released Thursday.

Last month the deaths of 17 soldiers were either confirmed or suspected to be suicides, up from 13 in April and 13 in March, the new numbers revealed.

The Army said the total number of potential or confirmed suicides since January stands at 82. Last year the Army recorded 133 suicides, the most ever.

Earlier this year, Army officials saw the suicide numbers moving up, and by February said the service was on track for a record year for suicides.

Only one of the 17 in May has been confirmed as a suicide, while the others remain under investigation and are listed as “potential suicides,” according to the latest statistics.

For April, the Army reported eight potential and five confirmed suicides.

The Army initially classifies a death as “potential suicide” or “confirmed suicide” and moves the numbers between categories after an investigation into the death is complete, according to Army officials.

Last month, Fort Campbell, Kentucky, home to the 101st Airborne Division, held a three-day “suicide stand-down training event” — the second one at the base this year — after the base recorded 11 suspected or confirmed suicides between January and May.

Units of the 101st have deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan several times since the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the United States, and have experienced a good deal of combat and the related stress that comes with those deployments.

This is so sad, all of this can be prevented by giving soldier the care that they need when they are in combat or at home.

The US is doing a really shitty job at taking care of their troops.

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