Alcohol and cigarettes are more harmful than Ecstasy and LSD, says Gov’s chief drug adviser

Posted: November 16, 2009 in Drugs, Medicine
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From the article:

Ecstasy, LSD and cannabis are less dangerous than alcohol and cigarettes, the Government’s chief drug adviser claims today.

Professor David Nutt is calling for a new ‘index of harm’ to warn the public about the relative dangers of various substances.

He says alcohol should rank fifth, behind only cocaine, heroin, barbiturates and methadone, while tobacco should rank ninth, ahead of cannabis, LSD and Ecstasy.

His comments are likely to prove explosive, given the seniority of his position. Professor Nutt has also courted controversy in the past – by suggesting taking ecstasy was no more dangerous than riding a horse.

But, defending his position, Professor Nutt says: ‘I think we have to accept young people like to experiment – with drugs and other potentially harmful activities – and what we should be doing in all of this is to protect them from harm at this stage of their lives.

‘We therefore have to provide more accurate and credible information. If you think that scaring kids will stop them using, you’re probably wrong.’

In a wide-ranging article for the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, the scientist – who resisted the reclassification of cannabis from C to B – accused – claimed that smoking the drug created only a ‘relatively small risk’ of psychotic illness.

He accused former home secretary Jacqui Smith, who regraded the drug amid widespread concerns about the harmful effects of super-strength skunk – of ‘distorting and devaluing’ scientific research.

And he attacked what he called the ‘artificial’ separation of alcohol and tobacco from other, illegal, drugs.

Professor Nutt contends that, by ranking alcohol and smoking alongside the abuse of illegal drugs, the public will be better informed of the risks they are taking.

The professor might be on to something here, I think we need to take a step back from the companies that are making money from alcohol and cigarettes and look at what these substances are doing to people and how harmful they are. If the professor is right then maybe we should rethink what is going to be illegal from then on.

It is also very interesting that they fired him from his job because he was challenging the norm, I guess that’s what you should do in today’s world, sit down, shut up and agree with that the majority thinks is right.

It´s nice to know that we are free to speak up against things we thing are wrong, isn’t it?

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