Ray Mears Extreme Survival: Military Survival

Posted: November 14, 2009 in Survival
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Ray Mears tests his own courage as he takes part in the RAF’s three-week survival course in Cornwall. He joins a team of 20 jet pilots, navigators and helicopter crew as they learn to survive at sea and on land.

RAF aircrew can find themselves in action almost anywhere in the world, flying over desert, sea, jungle, woodland or the Arctic. If they are shot down behind enemy lines, they have to be able to survive in every environment. “In a few seconds, a fighter pilot can be catapulted from their jet worth millions of pounds into a Stone Age situation where they’re surviving hand to mouth,” says Ray.

From learning to survive on water, the course moves to Dartmoor where Ray spends a week living rough in shelters, learning how to trap squirrels and birds, light fires and cook what he catches. It’s wet and cold. When they go on the run for three days and nights, a hunter force is let loose to capture them.

There is some good bits and pieces of information in the videos so have a watch.

WOG out.


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