Illegal downloaders spend MORE on music than those who obey the law

Posted: November 14, 2009 in File-sharing, Technology
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From the article:

People who illegally download music spend more on official releases than anyone else, according to a new survey.

The study, published today by think-tank Demos, found those who admit to file sharing spent an average £77 a year on singles and albums – £33 more than those who claim never to have wrongly accessed music for free.

Researcher Peter Bradwell said the findings should force companies and politicians to ‘wake up to the changing nature’ of the music industry as the Government plans to disconnect illegal downloaders from the internet in a ‘three strikes and you’re out’ rule.

An estimated seven million UK users download files illegally every year, which will cost the industry £200million in 2009, according to trade association, the British Phonographic Industry.

Artists Lily Allen and James Blunt recently voiced support for the Government plans, while Latin pop star Shakira claims illegal file sharing brings her closer to her fans.

I applaud artist like Shakira she knows that this is the future and that the record companies are holding on for dear life to there ancient ideas instead of adapting to the situation.

It´s basic evolution all the record companies that don’t adapt will go bankrupt becasue the pirates will never stop and they can’t fight technology it’s going to get better and better and they will always be a step behind the pirates.

The more money they spend on hunting the pirates the less chance they have at surviving.

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