Blocking out the sun to save us from global warming

Posted: October 30, 2009 in Global Warming
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Former Microsoft Tech chief Nathan Myhrvold wants to dim the sun’s rays with liquid sulfur pumped from helium-filled balloons. But it’s not like he is sitting behind a desk, tapping his fingers together muttering “excellent” or anything. In fact, the idea is intended to save the planet from the scourge of global warming. The “Stratoshield”, as he calls it, would spray what some would consider an environmentally acceptable amount of liquid sulfur into the air through a 15 mile long hose attached to a helium-filled balloon. Apparently, the sulfur would dim the sun’s rays, effectively cooling the earth in an emergency situation.

This is what I don´t like about the global warming movement, some of them want to shot chemicals into the stratosphere where it may just fall down again as acid rain..

They don´t know what they’re doing and if they did know, they would see that man-made global warming is just lies.

Tired of this argument, read the facts from both sides and make up your own damn mind, do not take the word from just one person, not even me.

WOG out.


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