Surgeons offer eyesight tailored to an individual’s life and career

Posted: October 13, 2009 in Medicine
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From the article:

There are sportswear firms offering bespoke trainers and funeral companies that sell personalised coffins, but this latest extension of Savile Row principles may shock even the staunchest devotees of mass customisation.

Laser eye surgeons are now offering tailor-made corneas. Two decades after the first laser eye treatment in Britain, in November 1989, the quest for perfect vision has been replaced, in many cases, by eyesight tailored to an individual’s life and career.

Would sir like night vision? Does he require the eyes of a hawk? Or one eye customised to see into the distance, the other for reading? Such questions are now the stuff of client consultations in leading eye clinics.

Now one of the three most common surgical treatments in Britain, an estimated 100,000 people undergo the procedure each year, about 20 million have had it worldwide, and an increasing number have their corneas tailored to meet specific demands.

Julian Stevens, of Moorfields Eye Hospital, is an expert on laser refractive surgery. He has, in the past, offered tailored treatment for members of the special forces. “They require 1,000-metre vision at night,” he said. “It is the same for fighter pilots.”

Increasingly, though, he offers to reshape corneas to cope with the more mundane work/life demands of office workers and lorry drivers.

The refractive power of a lens is measured in diopters. “Vision changes by about 0.3 diopters at night,” he said. “If you are a sniper that’s critical. It is also important for long-distance lorry drivers, who need excellent night-time distance vision.”

Damn this is cool, I want some of that!

But I really don´t get people how say that this is unethical and it shouldn’t be done, these are grown human beings they can do what ever they fucking want with there bodies as long as it doesn’t effect me.

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WOG out.


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