TV host ordered killings to boost the ratings of his show

Posted: September 15, 2009 in Politics
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Warning, real dead person in the video.

From the article:

In a case that gives a dark new twist to reality television: a popular Brazilian crime show host has allegedly been commissioning murders to boost his ratings.

Celebrity host-turned-politician Wallace Souza faces possible jail time after a police investigation which also dug into his alleged past as a drug kingpin.

Brazilian police say some of the murders were aimed at eliminating rival drug traffickers.

Souza’s reality crime series, Canal Livre, built up a huge audience in the jungle city of Manaus. The show featured dramatic footage of police raids and arrests.

Souza was often the first on the scene, approaching freshly-burnt corpses and railing against rampant crime.

Now Brazilian investigators say the popular presenter’s knack for being first at a murder scene is more than just a coincidence.

State police intelligence chief  Thomaz Vasconcelos says it is believed the popular TV host ordered the crimes be committed.

“In truth, he went as a far as creating facts and ordering that crimes be committed to generate news for the program,” he said.

Wow TV is really getting out of hand.

This is really something that is worth looking into, might get this way in other countries soon.

Original site.

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