Church performs exorcisms on 16 year old homosexual boy

Posted: July 4, 2009 in Religion
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Manifested Glory Ministries is a Bridgeport, Connecticut-based ministry that performs homosexual exorcisms. Manifested Glory runs under the notion that homosexuals are possessed by demons that can be exorcised.

A recent video posted by Manifested Glory Ministries shows a gay exorcism ritual, where a gay, 16-year-old boy struggles under the church minister’s hand as he screams out the demon. At one point, the homosexual boy vomits into a woman’s napkin.

Okay thats fucked up, homosexuality is not something demonic nor is it a disease that can be cured.
Homosexuality occurs naturally with in all species on the blue ball floating in vacuum, there is nothing wrong or strange here, it´s  just misinformation by religions.
WOG out.

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