Researchers Invent Eye-Tracking Eyeglass Display

Posted: June 21, 2009 in Technology
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From article:

The German scientists have been working to make HMDs interactive, rather than passive display systems–the innovation has been to build a set of glasses that tracks the wearer’s eye movements. By combining an eye tracking sensor and an OLED-based projection system onto a single CMOS chip, the 19-millimeter-by-17-millimeter product is now small enough to perch on the hinge of a set of modified glasses. From there it projects the display image directly onto the wearer’s retina and monitors the position of the user’s eyeball.

The upshot is that the user sees a high-resolution, high-contrast image that appears to be floating a meter away, and by merely gesturing with the eyes–such as flicking to the right to change a page, or scanning downwards to scroll through a list–simple interface controls can be carried out.

The team forsees it being most useful in situations where the users hands may be otherwise occupied–such as medical technicians, or service engineers who need to consult plans while fiddling with an installation. But since they’re promoting the tech as being small, ergonomic, energy-efficient, and potentially cheaper than existing HMDs, it’s possible they’ll find their way into consumer products for a whole host of purposes.

It´s a good time to be alive so much cool tech is coming out and it´s not going to slow down.

The future is going to be a blast.

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