The US army gets EMP grenades

Posted: February 19, 2009 in Technology, Uncategorized
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From article:

They worked on Droids in Star Wars, so why not an al-Qaeda communications center?

“They” are electro-magnetic grenades — not something you’ll find in the typical armory but apparently something that could soon be in the hands of GIs.

“EMP grenade technology is out there, but I’ve never had my hands on one,” said Col. Laurie Buckhout, chief of the newly formed Electronic Warfare Division, Army Operations, Readiness and Mobilization, during a bloggers roundtable Tuesday from the Pentagon.

A Web search for “Electro Magnetic Pulse grenade” turns up a number of hits, many related so Star Wars and gaming sites. One Star Wars-oriented site notes EMPs also are known as Electrostatic Charge Detonators and were an anti-droid weapon used during the Clone Wars.

The EMP grenade was one of several sci-fi type weapons that the military has been developing and, in some cases, fielding. Buckhout also mentioned lasers for taking out missiles and the so-called Active Denial System, which uses microwaves which heat a person’s skin to uncomfortable levels.

Okay I like the EMP grenade, that could be very useful and it´s probably going to have a widespread use but the microwave gun is not my cup of tea, I mean how hard is it to just crank it up and fry the person instead?

I bet that future wars are going to be more horrible then they are today, I just hope we get some H+ people in high places before all hell breaks lose.

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