Babies less than a year old were prescribed anti-depressants

Posted: December 25, 2008 in Pharma Fascism
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I apologise for all the swearing in this post.

From the article:

TWELVE Queensland babies less than a year old were prescribed anti-depressants last year, Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme figures reveal.

More Sunshine State children under 10 were prescribed the mood-altering drugs than in any other state.

There were 1274 Queensland children aged 10 or under prescribed anti-depressants in the past financial year, compared to 1184 in New South Wales and 684 in Victoria.

There were also 2818 anti-depressant prescriptions written for Queensland teenagers aged 11 to 15, and 4047 scripts for those between 16 and 18 years.

The figures have alarmed medical experts who say they cannot explain why so many infants and children would be given the drugs.

Why the hell do you give babies less then a year old anti-depressants? For what fucking reason?

This is some scary shit and I do not like it one bit, that the hell people arn´t mommies and daddies supposed to take care of there children and not make then dependent on drugs for the rest of there natural born life’s?

Is it just me or is this really fucking bat shit crazy?

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WOG out.

  1. kevinisageek says:

    How the hell can they tell if a baby is depressed? Surely there is no medical reason for this.

    It could be that the parents can’t be bothered hearing them cry so they give them pills to make them stop.

    Well then they arn´t parents and should have there child taken away from them.
    Anyway crazy ass article..

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