Japanese billboard ads are watching back

Posted: December 18, 2008 in Advertising, Technology
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From the article:

Don’t look now, but the advertisements are watching you.

No, it’s not a scene from the movie “Minority Report” where digital signboards served up personalized ads depending on who was passing by, but a real-life example at a Tokyo railway station. Above a flat-panel display hawking DVDs and books sits a small camera hooked up to some image processing software.

When trials begin in January the camera will scan travellers to see how many of them are taking note of the panel. It’s part of a technology test being run by NTT Communications.

“On many street corners and railway stations there are many digital signs,” said Tetsuya Kinebuchi, a senior research engineer at NTT’s Cyber Space Laboratories and developer of the system. “To automatically measure the effectiveness of the advertisements we can put a camera and PC nearby, and by using the image from the camera we can estimate how many people are looking at the monitor.”

Everyday that world gets a little more cyberpunk, right?

Well does who read my blog frequently know that I´m not a big fan of advertisement, I really do think that we could live perfectly fine with out them, so I´m not a very big fan of the whole idea that billboards should watch me but since technology can´t really be stopped (only slowed down), so if we want to fight this we have to invent some kinda of eye wear that block ads from you view maybe augmented reality is the way to go?

I don´t know but it make you thing about what the future holds for us.

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