Colonizing Venus With Floating Cities

Posted: November 15, 2008 in Space
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Form the article:

50 km above the surface, Venus has air pressure of approximately 1 bar and temperatures in the 0°C-50°C range, a quite comfortable environment for humans. Humans wouldn’t require pressurized suits when outside, but it wouldn’t quite be a shirtsleeves environment. We’d need air to breathe and protection from the sulfuric acid in the atmosphere.

In looking at Venus, the fact that struck Landis the most is that Earth’s atmosphere of nitrogen and oxygen would actually float in Venus’ atmosphere of carbon dioxide. “Because the atmosphere of Venus is CO2, the gases that we live in all the time, nitrogen and oxygen, would be a lifting gas,” he said. “On Earth, we know to get something to lift, you need something lighter than air. Well, on Venus, guess what? Our air is lighter than air, or at least lighter than the Venus atmosphere.”

So, create a bubble, fill it with Earth-like atmosphere, and it would float on Venus. “If you could just take the room you’re sitting in and replace the walls with something thinner, the room would float on Venus,” said Landis.

I´ll just say, read the article before you say it´s impossible, I think it´s a pretty good idea since we need to leave our planet so we don´t become extinct.

There are alot of planets/moons in our solar system that we might be able to colonize. And don´t say that we don´t need to leave Earth, we are a sitting duck in a galactic shooting range here.

We leave or we die it´s just a matter of time.

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WOG out.


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