A Solar Power Plant in the Sahara Could Power All of Europe

Posted: November 15, 2008 in Technology
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From article:

European Union officials say they’re considering an ambitious plan to draw energy from the sun that beats down relentlessly on the Sahara. By building a solar power plant the size of Wales (a small area, compared to the vastness of the Sahara) and laying down high-voltage transmission cables, the EU could potentially capture enough clean energy to power the entire continent.

The entire continent, think about that for one sec, there will be no need for any other power then the clean solar power from Sahara, EU needs to step on the gas and build this now.

We need to do fill all deserts with solar panels and then let the poor countries sell the power to the industreal nations so that they can earn some money for them selfs and pick thems selfs up from the dirt.

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