Military Investigates Amnesia Beams

Posted: November 6, 2008 in Technology
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From article:

In the 1980s, researchers found that even low-level exposure to a beam of electrons caused rats to forget what had just happened to them (an effect known as retrograde amnesia — the other version, anteretrograde amnesia, is when you can’t form new memories). The same effect was also achieved with X-rays. The time factor was not large — it only caused memory loss about the previous four seconds — but the effect was intriguing.

One theory was that the amnesia was a result of the brilliant flash experienced when the electron beam struck the retina. And, indeed, it turned out that it is possible to produce amnesia in rodents using a flash of light:

“Retrograde amnesia was demonstrated for the 80-, 85-, and 100-V foot-shock test trials. At 40 V the voltage may not have been great enough to be felt by the subject. For groups examined at shock levels above 100 V, the foot shock was so potent that a photoflash was ineffective in producing RA. Our conclusion was that the photoflash was an effective amnesiac until the intensity of the foot shock became more potent than the photoflash; this is consistent with the recency theory generated in serial learning and memory tasks.”

This might help explain some of the disorienting effects of strobe lights used as nonlethal weapons, but there seems to have been little further research on this.

However, there have been plenty of studies on the physical effects of radio and microwave exposure on the brain. Many of those investigations have been conducted by the military.

And some people say that science fiction won´t become science fact, it´s is taken right from the “Men in Black” movies.

Anyway this is could be used for pretty sinister stuff, for example if you interrogate someone and then “accidentally” kicked the shit out of him for not talking, then you would be in some nasty lawsuit or something but with this tech you could just make him forget that this has ever happened and he will be on his merry way.

I´m going to watch how this turns out.

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  1. Cliff Burns says:

    Fascinating stuff. The conspiracy theories this provokes…not only “Men in Black” but also the movie “Dark City”–the author in me rubs his hands together gleefully and imagines possible scenarios, the many ideas this triggers.

    More fuel for my fellow paranoiacs…

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