Brain replacements could prevent accidental deaths in future

Posted: October 23, 2008 in Technology
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Okay this is a really interesting article, I´m not going to post it all just bits but you should definitely read the whole thing, Just click the “Original Site” below.

Nano-engineer John Burch, co-designer of the nanofactory video, “Productive Nanosystems: from Molecules to Superproducts,” believes that by as early as the 2030s, we could be replacing our brain cells with non-biological nanotech materials that process thoughts faster, and is nearly indestructible.

“The new brain would include an exact copy of our memories and personality that existed before we converted”, Burch says, “but it would run millions of times faster and would increase our memory a thousand fold. In addition, this futuristic brain will allow us to control the speed of our thoughts; we could jump from 100 milliseconds, the response time for biological cells, to 50 nanoseconds – 20 million times faster”.

Creating thoughts at this speed would, in our mind at least, slow the world down by a factor of 20 million. Our perception would speed up, but physics limits how fast we can move, so to us, the world would seem to slow as our brain ran faster. Think of what this means. In an emergency, we would have time to think and plan. Events that seem like hours to us would actually be happening in a split second.

Wow…. Anyone else thinking of IRL bullet time?

I go sit down in a burning house and take a cup of coffee and just stroll back out again.

Since nanotech brain cells are smaller than their organic counterparts, there’s plenty of room to add more memory. This would provide many new features and benefits; we could access the Internet with just our thoughts, install backup units to replace failing neurons, and understand and speak another language, or master a complex subject without need to study.

Very interesting stuff, I get a hint of matrix from this article.

Neurons made from powerful nanotech materials will be nearly indestructible compared with biological brains. Should a converted person die in an accident, their body may be a total loss, but the new brain could even survive an explosion and quickly regain all functions. Biological brains die within minutes after the heart stops; our new brain simply turns itself off and waits for a new power supply.

All memories would remain intact after a fatal accident. Rescue workers would remove the brain from the deceased body and reinstall it into a newly-cloned body. The patient would ‘wake up’ in their new body and resume life as if nothing happened. Of course one might feel depressed over dying, but this could be offset with happiness of experiencing life in a new, upgraded body.

Okay once it is out if beta sign me up, this is some nice tech and I do know this could be used with evil intent but everything could be used with evil intent.

Original Site.

WOG out.


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