Get ready for the Matrix way of learning

Posted: July 1, 2008 in Technology
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I have two stories to cover here so lets start with the first one:

A group of mechanical engineers at Caltech have come up with a way to guide miniature robots in the task of inserting and positioning electrode arrays in brain tissue. What they propose would be the first robotic approach to establishing an interface between computers and the brain by positioning electrodes in neural tissue. Researchers say that this could enhance the performance and longevity of emerging neural prosthetics, which allow paralysed people to operate computers and robots with their minds.

And the second one:

Children will learn by downloading information directly into their brains within 30 years, the head of Britain’s top private schools organisation has predicted.

Chris Parry, the new chief executive of the Independent Schools Council, said “Matrix-style” technology would render traditional lessons obsolete.

He told the Times Educational Supplement: “It’s a very short route from wireless technology to actually getting the electrical connections in your brain to absorb that knowledge.”

Wow, so within 30 years we are going to learn through a cable in your brain (it´s probably going to be wireless but what the hell), I really want this because I think the school is a waste off time, not that schools are bad and that you shouldn´t learn, it´s just that it take years to learn everything you need and I´m convinced that this method will be much faster.

First article link.

Second article link.

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