Gun cams for the police

Posted: May 23, 2008 in Politics, Technology
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Okay I have two articles about the same thing, here it goes.

First article:

A lawmaker in Washington DC has intro’d a bill to the city council that would require all police service pistols to have mini cameras attached to the barrel, which would start rolling as soon as the gun is pulled out of the holster. The tech is already being tested in Orange County, NY. Ostensibly, it’s to prevent bad shootings and prove officers acted in good faith.

Second article:

Officers of the NYPD may be forced to carry cameras on their guns, if a Brooklyn senator gets his way. Following a spate of controversial shootings, democrat Eric Adams—a former cop himself—has proposed the addition of a $700 gadget, insisting that it will improve public confidence in the police force. Before being adopted, however, the city’s SWAT teams will take part in a pilot scheme.

This is fucking awesome, this should be the law in every country in the world, all the crazy lawsuits will disappear because you could just check the the video it the officer was assaulting the the person.

First site.

Second site.

WOG out.

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