Rise of the arcologies

Posted: May 14, 2008 in Arcologies
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From site:

A group called 19.20.21 has just launched a five-year study of “supercities” with populations over 20 million. They’ll look at how nineteen cities that have reached this “tipping point” population suddenly change: everything from waste management and water use, to art and crime patterns are affected. The group will document life in cities, producing multimedia studies and several museum exhibits. The idea is to track homo sapiens shift from being an agrarian species to an urban one. Right now, the group has a fascinating slide show on its Web site about the history of supercities and where they are headed over the next half-century. One point they emphasize is that by 2050, more than two-thirds of us will live in cities — and many of those cities will be so densely populated that we can barely imagine what life will be like in them.

We are just a step from arcologies and thats not a good thing.

Lets just say that something happens in the world like say a global pandemic and people are dying like flies, how much would it take for the company owning the building to say “Well let´s make a profit from this crysis, how much are you willing to pay for living in the tower and survive the pandemic?

Think about it, look at what the corporations are doing today, is it so far off?

Original site.

Link to the slide show.

WOG out.


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