Internet addiction is a psychiatric disorder?

Posted: April 7, 2008 in Gaming
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The article:

If you regularly fall into bed bleary-eyed after a night of online gaming, you may be suffering from a psychiatric disorder.

In the American Journal of Psychiatry, psychiatrist Jerald Block of Portland, Oregon, argues that internet addiction should be included in the next version of DSM, the US handbook of recognised psychiatric conditions, which is currently being drawn up. The condition is characterised by excessive use of the internet, anger or depression if computer access is lost, poor achievement and social isolation.

In South Korea, where the average high-schooler spends over 20 hours a week gaming, the government is well aware of the problem and has trained 1000 counsellors to help the 200,000 children believed to be affected.

Ohh I didn´t see that coming, isn´t it strange that this shit happend in China almost a year ago?

Maybe USA is looking at what China is doing? Makes you wonder what else they are looking at?

Original site.

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