Save you brain with walking

Posted: March 23, 2008 in Brain, Learn
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Sanjay Gupta looks into modern brain research. Posit Science’s Brain Fitness Program is one of the highlights. The BFP is geared towards regaining lost ground due to age/inactivity, and is comprised of 6 core “games”, focused on auditory recognition and memory recall. Similar games, but focused on visual cues rather than audio, are in the works (“Cortex”). I have not demo’d this visual product yet, but a good online program can be found at (free 14 day trial – the birdwatching game is original and inventive.)

Your brain is the most importan thing you have, take care of it.

Here is some more links to beef up your brain:

Brain Fitness: 15 Fun Activities to Keep Your Mind Sharp

33 New Ways to Overclock Your Brain

8 Little-Known Ways to Think More Effectively

WOG out.


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