JAXA testing space solar power system

Posted: February 9, 2008 in Green Technology, Solar power, Space
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From article:

For decades, scientists have explored the possibility of using space-based solar cells to power the Earth. Some see orbiting power stations as a clean and stable energy source that promises to slow global warming, while others dismiss the idea as an expensive and impractical solution to the world’s energy problems. While the discussion goes on, researchers at the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) have begun to develop the hardware.

JAXA, which plans to have a Space Solar Power System (SSPS) up and running by 2030, envisions a system consisting of giant solar collectors in geostationary orbit 36,000 kilometers above the Earth’s surface. The satellites convert sunlight into powerful microwave (or laser) beams that are aimed at receiving stations on Earth, where they are converted into electricity.

Good jobb Japan you guys are the future. 😀

I meen what other country is doing this?

Some information on the power output:

JAXA ultimately aims to build ground receiving stations that measure about 3 kilometers across and that can produce 1 gigawatt (1 million kilowatts) of electricity — enough to power approximately 500,000 homes.

Thats pretty impressive.

More info here.
Original site.

WOG out.

  1. hystavittu says:

    I know of only one other company who is pursueing this and its a private company called Space Island This is without a shadow of doubt the only real solution to the worls energy crisis. you can check out there web site on http://www.spaceislandgroup.com

    I only hope that everyone can see the benefits of Space based solar power origanally developed by a gentleman called Ralph Nansen who has written a book on th eissue as well called Sun Power. Makes facsinating reading as Ralph says that oil will reach $40 a barrell LOL IF ONLY


    Right on Brother/Sister and thanks for the info 😀

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