Mobilizing Media Reform

Posted: January 4, 2008 in News, Politics
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Fed up with a media system that values corporate profits over the interests of the public, Americans are taking action. Mobilizing Media Reform provides an inside look into this growing movement for media reform in the U.S.

This 14-minute video addresses the problems that plague our media system, examines their causes and effects, and suggests ways in which we as citizens can bring about change. Featuring interviews with policymakers, scholars, and activists involved in the fight for media reform, it’s a rousing look at one of the most pressing issues of our time.

Part 1:

Part 2:

The American public needs to wake up and smell the coffee, this is really getting out of hand and the public needs to be informed about it….

Because the Corpoliticals are screwing up the US and draining it from money and that needs to stop right now..

You need to get informed, do some researchingon on the internet (Independent media of course) and look at documentaries like “The Corporation” and then fight back!

More info here.

WOG out.


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