Words from Sean Kennedy #2

Posted: December 25, 2007 in Sean Kennedy
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From Sean´s livejournal:

I am so cynical when it comes to politics…. it’s not even funny.

Ever since Kennedy got shot, the USA has known that even their most sovereign, cannot avoid the knives of the overlords; anyone can be Silenced!

People with the right ideals are hard to come by, and even harder to believe. The future of the United States is on the brink, If Hillary gets in, It’s going to be more of the Bilderberg Agenda.

So in answer to the question of who would I vote for?

Sorry Smokehouse, But I would vote for Ron Paul.

Not because he’s the internet sweetheart, (or because I’m easily led or any of the other charming comments made about my opinions), but because I think the guy makes sense.

Smokey won’t have to worry much though; I don’t think Ron’s got a prayer.

Dr. Paul has the support of the people, but if you look at every interview, the media is trying to assassinate him at every turn. If the media can’t do their job, the other professionals will be brought in.

I believe the elections are fixed. Bought and paid for. Unless the masses rise up against the media, we will slowly be charmed by our Dark Crystal high definition weirding way.

No one has all the answers, but I think Ron would do the best job of saving the United States.

But as for me?

I’d vote for Ron, but hey… I’m a Canadian.

End of Line

I´d vote for Ron too, but how cares what I think….
WOG out.


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