The Lobster-Eye

Posted: December 25, 2007 in Terrorism
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From the site:

LEXIDTM – X-ray Imaging Device

The Handheld “Lobster-Eye” X-ray Inspection Device (LEXID) provides through – the – wall focusing and acquisition of backscattering photons from a hidden object irradiated by a cone beam from a low power X-ray generator. The X-ray optic focusing, combined with the X-ray detector significantly lowers the exposure dose, greatly enhancing image resolution. At the emitter side, the collimating optics increases flow of X-rays for deeper penetration through objects of interest, with the same X-ray tube.


  • “Lobster-eye” X-ray focusing optics
  • Effective use of collimated X-ray energy
  • Penetrates through walls and 75mil steel
  • Improved image quality
  • Low level energy exposure for safe usage


  • Handheld security scanning device
  • Unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) inspection
  • Port security container scanning
  • X-ray vision system for industrial and medical use
  • Weapon detection

Am I thinking that this will be used on an UAV to look inside peoples homes and violate their privacy… I mean to aid in the search for terrorists.

Don´t believe me just look at the sticker on it. “Department of Homeland Security”

Original site.

WOG out.


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