7 Most Evil Websites on Earth

Posted: November 18, 2007 in Evil
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When you sign up to a web service, do you know who you’re dealing with? A common rant of mine is when a company gets too big, they get…well… a bit evil. Here’s a quick run-down of websites that are going straight to hell…

1. Yahoo! – Search giant Yahoo! have plenty to shout about when it comes to being, well.. just plain evil. Their complicity in the arrest of Chinese blogger, Shi Tao hit the headlines when it was revealed they actively gave personal data to the authorities, who used it to convict and jail him for stating his anti-government opinions online. Is it merely a coincidence that Yahoo! subsequently bought blogging site MyBlogLog for $10M in an attempt to appease bloggers? I think not.

2. Facebook – Recent allegations that Facebook was funded in part, by VC’s with connections to the CIA, NSA and other US government agencies as a giant, socially engineered data-mining tool puts this sinister site at the #2 spot. A conspiracy theory, maybe.. but how safe do you feel adding your personal details, sexual orientation, political persuasion and a whole lot more onto a site like this? George Orwell rolls in his grave.

3. Myspace – Aside from the fact that Myspace looks like it was designed by Satan on crack, the evilness of this site is more than just aesthetic. Founder Tom Anderson, created the site while at X-Drive Technologies with current CEO, Cris DeWolfe; both were involved in spam allegations and spyware lawsuits linked to an application known as Keen Value.PerfectNav, which hijacks browsers, tracks browsing habits and creates pop-up ads.

4. Google! – With Google’s slogan “Don’t be evil”, you’d think the company would be a pretty safe bet when it comes to browsing, but some might say that monopolising all the data in the world, from search queries to browsing habits, books, maps and emails has the potential for abuse. Although not a patch on Yahoo!’s evil status, their censorship of china’s search results is pretty evil, and the lack of blogs in google.cn searches means they won’t be forced into the whole Yahoo!-esqe situation, but bending over to every dictatorial governent is a slippery slope and I don’t like it. Therefore evil.

5. YouTube – Evil because they were bought out by Google, and subsequently the site now goes down more often than a vietnamese hooker. Oh, and they don’t reply to emails. Evil.

6. PayPerPost – Ruining the internet for everybody, by making blogs nothing more than full-page ads instead of the honest, informative and socially acceptable sites they used to be. Also, customer support (which they call ‘Customer Love’) should be renamed to ‘Customer Whatever – ticket closed’. Evil.

7. ChurchofSatan – While not quite as evil as the sites above, this deserved a mention because they’re trying really hard to be evil. Yeah, they probably eat babies – but they’re only showing off. Evil…ish.

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