Rant: Religion

Posted: November 11, 2007 in Life, Religion
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Religion has become one of the great evils of this world, it´s a starter of wars and thousands of people die in it´s name everyday…

Do I think it was meant to be that way?

Of course I don´t, I want to believe that the human race is good and that it will see what it´s really doing in the name of religion. I think religion was meant to be a unifier, a way for people to live in peace but some how it fell out of the good path and on to the bad..

So what can we do about this?

We need to find a find a common ground among all the religions, something we have in common, we all want to live in peace no one really wants to kill another human being that what I believe anyway.

Ask yourself this..

Religions always talk about all live being sacred, then why are people killing in the name of their religion?

And think of this if you had a group of people that was worshiping you and one day they start killing other people that don´t worship you, would you want that?

I sure wouldn´t..

Religion should be used for good not evil and everyone in the world that wants should benefit for it.

That means that you should except everyone for what they are and what they believe in and you should not care about their race, religion, sexuality or what country they live in.

If we are going to survive a human being we need to find the tolerance in our hearts to except other religious beliefs and practices which disagree or conflicts with ones own.

If we don´t do this we will surely become extinct…

WOG out.


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