Ubuntu Linux v7.10: Gutsy Gibbon Released

Posted: October 31, 2007 in Ubuntu
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Yes I know it´s been a while now but I still need to say it 😀

What is Ubuntu Gusty Gibbon?

Ubuntu Gusty Gibbon is an open source, fully functional free operating system. Gusty Gibbon marks the beginning of Linux finding it’s way to desktop PCs, more and more laptops now come preinstalled with Linux, taking the popularity to a new level. My favorite quote: “Linux – superior OS for ordinary people!”

If you’ve been considering making the switch from Windows/Mac, Ubuntu makes the process painless. The ability to get things work out of the box will make you get out of your self imposed barrier. And once you’re in, the learning curve is minimal.

What makes is exciting?

3D interface effects. Why buy Vista for eye candy when you get a similar (or better) effect for free? “Advanced Desktop Effects” and all that jazz!

Flavours/Versions that makes sense. I got no clue as what’s the difference between Vista Home, Business, Ultimate and what not. By the way, what’s the difference between XP Home and Pro? Whereas, we have Xubuntu for old and slower PCs, Edubuntu for educational purpose, and so on.. All these have been improved in v.7.10.

Works “out of the box”. Bluetooth, network drives, wireless, webcam and almost everything might work without pain in you-know-where.

Gnome 2.20. Bugs fixes, more features (like improved drag-and-drop support, 3D desktop special effects, etc) and general desktop environment improvment.

Fully automatic printer installation. Because using Linux should not be a hobby. Printer installation is better, low ink remainder, etc. You can also print files wirelessly.

More things new in v7.10:

  • GNOME 2.20
  • Desktop 3D effects
  • Desktop search
  • Fast user switching
  • Firefox plugins in Ubuntu
  • Dynamic screen configuration
  • Graphical configuration tool for X
  • Fully automatic printer installation
  • Handling of non-free device drivers
  • NTFS writing
  • Power consumption
  • Encrypted hard disks
  • AppArmor security framework
  • Additional installation profiles for Ubuntu Server
  • Profile-based Authentication Configuration
  • Improved thin-client support

Ubuntu Homepage.


More on Gusty Gibbon + Tour.

Screenshots. (I warn you this might make you switch!)

WOG out.


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