Good tips that everyone should follow.

Posted: October 7, 2007 in Life
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Think for yourself.

Turn off your TV.

Grow your own food.

Consume less.

Share your car.

Research your local corporations and find out what they do and how they affect your community.

Start your own pirate radio station. Get you friends and neighbors involved.

Buy less from big corporations. Try to support the independent market.

Ride your bike to work, if you can.

Compost your kitchen leftovers.

Take the bus.

Spend some time hanging out with old people and learn from them.

Don’t let people tell you how to live.

Be a person, not a personality.

Learn to create the things you need instead of buying them at a store.

Organise an affinity group.

Pass out leaflets in your area to bring awareness about issues that matter to you and make people think.

Read a book any book.

Never stopp to learning things.

If you think something is wrong in your community, try to change it.

Show the police, medics, firemen and soldiers respect.

If something sounds to good to be true it probably is.

Be open minded.

Be nice to everyone you meet.

Don´t judge anyone before you know them.

Don´t believe everything the media tells you.

Learn from both side of an argument before you make your stand.

Eat healthy food.


Have a day of down time.

WOG out.


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