News Scare Tactics

Posted: September 20, 2007 in Corporate media
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The article:

How the media uses scare tactics to portray potentially negative news

As we all know news has become entertainment. We have background music, anchors oohing and ahing into the camera, everyone in the studio loves everyone else and the more hyped the story the better it is.
How the media uses scare tactics to portray potentially negative news

When I was young my class went on a field trip. In order to get where we were going we had to pass a picket line. The news media reported we were part of the picket even though every one in the class, the teachers and parents, and the people involved in the picket said not true. The lie made better news. Since then I have always taken the news with a grain of salt.

Fear with the weather is a perfect example of media scare tactics. The news media will let everyone know a storm is coming. Then the predictions make it look like death and destruction are right around the corner. The winds will come and knock down the trees. The storm will begin to look like the tornado in ‘The Wizard of Oz’. The storm itself is usually anti-climatic at best. When a really bad storm does happen it usually takes everyone including the news media be complete surprise.

Politics are another example. Politicians using the media to scare the living heck out of everyone. Listen to my opponent and the terrorists will move in next door and bomb your neighborhood. There is (to update an old expression) a terrorist hiding under every bed. Give up all freedom and liberty and you will be protected from all the bad men who want to harm you.

Food is another favorite. Which foods will cure cancer and which contain ingredients to increase your chances of getting the disease. Eat healthy and exercise or get sick and die.

Scaring people is a good way to get people’s attention, especially with a lot of competition. It is also a good way to influence people into a direction they might not want to go in. These days reporting the news isn’t good enough. There has to be a sitting on the edge of the seat breath taking air of excitement stimulating the viewer. Or so the media seems to believe.

by Lenora Reynolds

Original site.

Now that you have read the article take a look at these videos.

Classic example on news scare tactics.

Okay I know that the bomb threat was a bit to much but the website is still not as bad as they make it out to be.

Lastly, our only really enemy is fear and we have to overcome that enemy.

WOG out.


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