From site:

Gunner Palace reveals the complex realities of the situation in Iraq not seen on the nightly news. Told first-hand by our troops, ‘Gunner Palace’ presents a thought provoking portrait of a dangerous and chaotic war that is personal, highly emotional, sometimes disturbing, surprisingly amusing … and thoroughly fascinating.

Filmmaker Michael Tucker, who lived with 2/3 Field Artillery, a.k.a. “The Gunners” for two months, captures the lives and humanity of these soldiers whose barracks are the bombed-out pleasure palace of Uday Hussein (nicknamed Gunner Palace), situated in the heart of the most volatile section of Baghdad. With total access to all operations and activities, Tucker’s insider footage provides a rare look at the day-to-day lives of these soldiers on the ground — whether swimming in Uday’s pool and playing golf on his putting green or executing raids on suspected terrorists, enduring roadside bombs, mortar attacks, RPGs and snipers.


My review:

I really like this documentary because it shows that soldiers are people too, they are not to blame for the war on terror Mr. Dubya, Dick Cheney and the rest of the assholes are.

I laught and I cried through the whole movie, and in the end I feelt really bad for all the men and women soldiers dying in a endless war aginst an invisible enemy.

They really shouldn´t be in Iraq, they should be with there families living their lives.

Torrent link.

Gunner Palace home.


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