10 Ways to Think For Yourself.

Posted: August 12, 2007 in Life
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If your going to read just one thing on my blogg, I suggest it to be this post..

I did not write this article.

1. If in doubt – ask a question.
Don’t be afraid to question things. Don’t be afraid to offer a question even though other people in your peer group have not questioned before.

2. Place experience over authority.
If one reflects upon what the authority figure is conveying to you, does it pan out with your real life experience? For example, if someone tells you that all red heads are moody – have you experienced this in your life?

3. Understand People.
Does the person communicating with you have an agenda that might be influencing what they are telling you? What is motivating this person? Why do you think they think this way?

4. Don’t feel you have to follow the crowd.
Remember the old adage – if Johnny put his hand in the fire does that mean you have to do that too?

5. Trust your feelings.
Trusting your “gut instinct” about something is often an over looked trait. If something does not feel right to you there is probably something wrong (or at least something seriously flawed) with what you are being told.

6. Remain calm.
Remaining calm and collected will help you remain objective and help you to think clearly. If you get caught up in a heated debated and loose your cool, your capacity for rational thinking is diminished.

7. Gather the facts.
Like any good thinker would do – gather all the facts before making a judgment. Ask yourself do you have all the facts? Are there gaps in your knowledge that is keeping me from the truth or from the solution to a problem?

8. Look at Things from Different Perspectives.
If you are trying to solve a problem – try coming at it in a different way. If one way hasn’t worked for you – try a different one! Try and see ideas or concepts from different perspectives. For example, would someone growing up in Japan think the same way about a subject as someone from Ireland?

9. Cultivate Empathy.
It is easier to understand why people think the way they do if you understand their situation. If I said “All red heads are moody and I don’t want anything to do with them!” – there could be a reason for me to be saying this. Maybe I was bullied by a red head in school for example. Empathizing with people helps you understand that you may have a different opinion about something but that’s OK!

10. Be Brave.
It takes courage to stand up and say “I don’t agree with you.” Be kind to yourself, be patient and don’t give up. If you want to learn how to think more independently -it does take time.

Oh and before I go – don’t forget to question everything I have just told you. 🙂

Good luck!

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WOG out.


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