Whoever controls the information, controls the world.

Posted: August 10, 2007 in Microsoft
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I know this is very old but it´s still relevant today.

As I became a couch potato this weekend, I quenched my desire for sci-fi. I went to my local video store to rent Netforce. The synopsis is as follows:

“In the year 2005, the internet is a source of great gain for a new breed of techno-criminals. In response, the government has created a new division of the FBI known as Netforce. When Netforce’s internal network is infiltrated, the race is on to secure the world’s information system.”

The movie is another great from the mind of Tom Clancy. The movie was made in 1999, at the height of the Internet boom and just before it crashed. The movie presented a future in which the Internet could be controlled. It’s a claim based on truths that has been bent to fit the story.

As I was watching, I notice the tie between Janus Corporation and Microsoft. Janus wanted to control the flow of information by wanting to bundle their new Janus Navigator web browser with every copy of their operating system. The CEO wanted to use its browser to control the flow of information. As we all know, “whoever controls the information, controls the world”.

This brings me to this past week’s top story in which the CFO, Dan Geer, at Cambridge-based @Stake was fired for stating that Microsoft’s dominance is “a hazard to the economy and national security”. Soon after the release of the documents, Geer was fired by his employer citing “Participation in and release of the report was not sanctioned by @Stake, the security and consulting company said. The values and opinions of the report are not in line with @Stake’s views. However, this is not the first time that the Computer and Communications Industry Association (CCIA) released such reports criticizing Microsoft, of which @Stake is a member of.

The issue isn’t one of command of the operating system and national security. It is whether Microsoft has the right to control the operating system that runs the world’s computer systems. Unlike the telephone, train, and other infrastructure which is controlled one way or another t by the government, no one control Microsoft. As the king of free enterprise, Microsoft’s practices are in way different than what IBM tried to do with their dead OS/2 operating system, any operating maker. SCO and their attempt to wield over some control over Linux is not different.

Some might argue that it is the consumer who created Microsoft. By purchasing Microsoft products, we made it. But, do we want to run Linux when the purpose of a computer is to allow the easy interchange of information?

Whether it is about information, security through a browser or operating system, it all comes down to control. In the movie Netforce, it is about who gets to be god (with an alternate ending). In the operating systems world, it is about who gets to control your desktop and therefore, revenues and bragging rights as the most successful entrepreneur in the history of mankind.

We’re entering a bold new world in which wireless and pervasive computing is going to be the norm. Wireless equipment is flying off the shelves. Bluetooth is going to allow you to connect your PDA and any other gadget to your cell phone and to each other. For the first time ever, people will truly be wireless. Is anyone worries about security anymore?

Films like “The Net” and “Netforce” give us a glimpse of a connected world. We have to be cognizant that the world is what we make it.

By Ronny Ko

Sun, Sep 28 2003,

We need to stop thinking that we aren´t controlled by the corporations because we are…

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WOG out.


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