Words from Sean Kennedy #1

Posted: August 8, 2007 in Sean Kennedy
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From Sean´s livejournal:

As I hook back into the web, I cannot help but think about the future.

Reality shocks in the face everyday. Each day the squares of humanity smash their edges against the pure circular concept of the internet making an attempt to fit into it.

Technology is useless unless it is implemented and maintained, and sometimes it can be a little harder for some monkeys to get up to speed.Of course the internet is just a collection wires, ones, and zeros, Its the monkeys that give the whole thing purpose…for now.

It’s a constant struggle for us apes to get past what some religious types call “the flesh” and try to ad here to the technological Ideals of our better nature.

Is that fair?

Is the flesh better and all my cyborg dreams are the otaku fantasies of a deluded mind?

Should I make the internet out to be more than it is?

You can call it “Server” or “Technium”, but I believe that technology is nothing more than the physical manifestation of will, and that gives this monkey hope.

I should say, that I appreciate the support I get from Server. I may not reply, but I read everything I am sent; and it really makes me feel better that I am not alone.

I am a node of Server; and by saying that; it shows my dream of being more than a monkey.

End of line.

Couldn´t have said it better my self…

WOG out.


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