UK School bans pupils from hugging

Posted: August 8, 2007 in School
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What the FUCK:

A school in east London has banned pupils from hugging each other to prevent “inappropriate” behaviour.

Since last week, students at Mossbourne Academy in Hackney have not been allowed to engage in physical contact with classmates.

Head teacher Sir Michael Wilshaw said pupils had been asked to be “sensible” about greeting one another.

He said it was to ensure accusations of people touching each other inappropriately could not be made.

Common sense

Sir Michael said: “Most physical contact between pupils is totally innocent but on occasions it is not.

“We don’t want staff being drawn into dealing with accusations of inappropriate behaviour.”

He also said the rule could help tackle potential cases of bullying and intimidation.

However Sir Michael said teachers had been asked to apply a commonsense approach to the matter.

“If pupils are celebrating receiving exam results then obviously it is to be expected that pupils will want to congratulate each other.”

Pupils who flout the rules will be punished by detention.

This is some bad shit, I meen no hugging?!

They are breeding a generation of emotionless kids in England, kids need affection damnit.

And his reason makes no sense what so ever:

“He also said the rule could help tackle potential cases of bullying and intimidation.”

I hate the hug-bullys always running around hugging people… is that what he meant?

That guy needs a brain….

Original article

WOG out.


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