Remember don’t mention the word cult…

Posted: June 19, 2007 in Scientology
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All hail Xenu!!

Psychiatry battle

Scientology has two faces – nice and smiley, and sinister and dark. If you do not believe me, go and see their exhibition in Los Angeles, Psychiatry: Industry of Death. You enter through a door that is a mock-up of a torture chamber.

Scientologists want “the global obliteration” of psychiatrists, who they say were to blame for the rise of Nazi Germany.

To prove their point, they showed me hideous images of people having needles stuffed in their eyeballs, of patients undergoing electric shocks and having their brains operated on.

Sickening, nasty and wholly unconvincing – modern psychiatry, for all its faults, is not Nazi and to press the point in the way that Scientology does devalues the horror of the Holocaust.

Ironically or not, it was in the “Mind Control” section of the exhibition that I lost it.

From the BBC news

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  1. uncutdiamond says:

    I think that John Sweeney–despite his tantrum with Tommy Davis–did the best job he could do on that story. There were a lot of attempts to psychologically harass and intimidate him and the rest of the BBC members involved in the story. I believe that the BBC did a better job covering this story than any of the American hot news media have been able to do, with the exception of perhaps 60 Minutes . I think that most reasonable people take umbrage with Scientology’s attempt to paint itself as a religion or psychological school. Therefore, barring the occasional scandal, most of us will let it be. I still believe it to be a crazed, mind-controlling cult.

  2. Epex says:

    Very true my brother..

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